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Posted by birgitpratcher on April 2, 2008 at 7:54 PM

To Keep the Writing going


just my two little cents on small ideas that can help in big ways to keep on writing...


Lately quite a few people have asked what they can do to keep the writing going and complained that they keep losing interest in their projects after a while or, at least come to a dead end.

It is not unusual to lose interest in a project for a while. After all, writing a book from beginning to end is a lot of detailed and dedicated work. After you?ve wrote the entire manuscript you still have to edit everything over and over again.

Often it does depend on simple the project alone, is it fiction or non-fiction? After all, if you write non-fiction, you can stretch the facts only so far and the wording, even though it is important, should not be continued into clouds of boredom.

Often it is indeed the inspiration that is missing. To inspire yourself is not all that hard. A lot of times reading a book does wonders. Taking a walk, taking pictures, watching a movie or two, go fishing, all of this can feed you with new and creative ideas. Just sitting somewhere and watching people, animals or simply nature, can spark ideas and feed the muse to do the job.

In moments that you do feel inspired you should take notes, write down or talk into a little recorder all those great ideas and later you can sort them out.

So now you might have tons of great ideas for 20 different books and are still not half way done with one, but you have plenty tools now.

First of all, it will be your book, so you can use your imagination any way you see fit. Even on your characters.

Here it is always good to take little notes to describe the way you see your individual characters. Write down their names, what they look like, what they like and don?t like, what they do and read, develop the character, soon you might feel like they are a friend, like they have become more than just your imagination.

You still might not feel ready to write a book of several hundred pages. What you can do now is write it as a short story or a poem.

In the meantime a really great tool are Writing Exercises. Most writers practice their writing skills each day.

You don?t have to do it for hours. Here is a very easy way to "train" yourself with your writing: Chose a headline, something you see on the net or in a newspaper or the headline of a story someone once wrote. Then start typing about the subject for at least ten minutes straight, without stopping, without correcting any mistakes. Once your time is up or your fingers stop because you can?t think of anything else, go through what you just created and do your corrections. After a while you can go on to 15 minutes or more and writing will become rather easy.

Don?t feel bad if you have several manuscripts that are not finished. We always have about 5 or 6 ideas that we have started on and will finish later. A great help for a lot of writers is the "outline" of the story, you write it like an excerpt and it can help you not to lose your focus on the plot and characters.

Another trick you can use is this: You start the story that you want to write and share it. When you see that people are reading it and want to know what will happen next it will encourage you to continue.

Just like any artist, authors do need an audience.

Another way to ensure you keep writing, just to keep going is blogging. Here you don?t even have to stretch your imagination, you just write down whatever comes to your mind, it can be fiction or non-fiction, events of a day or week, things that rock your world and things that make you think or angry, or anything else.

A nice way to blog away and to get a lot of reading in is simply doing reviews. Of course you don?t have to concentrate on books alone, reviews can be done on movies as well or even on magazines.

I wish you lots of luck and many creative moments! (I will return to my X-Box now to find a creative moment myself, lol)

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