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Mary Lynn Plaisance

Please meet Folklore Author Mary Lynn Plaisance.

Her Cajun Fairy Tales are most enchanting and bring the author's love for Louisiana right to the reader's home. Her novels are based on the history of the Louisiana swamps, where lights shot up into the sky for no apparent reason, called the Feel Folay, assumed to be fairy spirits or the spirit of a departed loved one or the lost soul of a child that had died before being baptized.
Surprisingly it occurred that a group of people could be standing together and only some would see the lights, while others did not. 

Thus inspired, the story of the Land of Sha Bebe was born, an enchanted place, where cloth dolls are alive, setting out to help humans in need of love and company.
In every land there are troubles, lurking to cause pain and despair, even in the magical land of Sha Bebe.
Her novels are fun to read for all ages!

Read about the adventures of the charming dolls in Mary Lynn Plaisance's novels:

Do you believe In the Land of Sha Bebe

  paperback, 88 pages/w photos, limited edition available at Sha Bebe at e-bay!

This first tale tells the story of Emily and how the dolls came to her in her time of grief to console her and make her happy again after the loss of her father. Jolie and Beau definitely helped her feel better and told her everything about the magical land of Sha Bebe, where no human has ever gone.

Cajun Fairies In the Land of Sha Bebe

    paperback, 220 pages, $14.49 at

The legend continues. Another whimsical fairy tale by Mary Lynn Plaisance about the Sha Bebe Dolls who live in the sugarcane fields of Louisiana. Cajun Fairies will pull you into another dimension that you will not want to leave. A wicked Cajun Fairy, Robes Pierre, takes over the spirit of the enchanted Land of Sha Bebe, in the sugarcane fields of Louisiana. He had that much power! No one, ever had that much power to threaten the doll land. All of the dolls and the residents are put under the wicked influences of Robes Pierre. Will he succeed in taking the magical land? If not, who will save the land? A must read for humans of all ages.

The Wizard of Swamp Alley In the Land of Sha Bebe

    paperback, 216 pages, $21.49 at

Swamp Alley is a portal between this side and the other side. A Cajun Wizard named Antoine Clement Hebert, lives near Swamp Alley which is behind The Land of Sha Bebe in the swamps. He keeps balance between this side and the other side, by playing his fiddle, but he was kidnapped by "them". Today, the Ghosts of Swamp Alley protect the ones on this side from the opposite presence who occupy the other side. Who or what is this presence, and where is this place that has the Wizard trapped? Marie La Vie explains this other place and their presence very well. It's a presence that has always existed all over the world ---- even today, it still exists. Sometimes, the presence of the other side may be near YOU. The Wizard of Swamp Alley is centered around Halloween, when the veil between this side and the other side is at it's thinnest, and the Wizard is gone. Who has the knowledge to return the Wizard to his homeland to protect The Land of Sha Bebe? A chilling read, yet still entertaining. Dedicated to the Spirit of Louisiana Read more reviews in the book. You've created a Cajun fairy land, much like Walt created a Disneyland. Your characters feel like a Disney scene set in the sugarcane fields. Mary Lynn, keep weaving the threads of your wonderful creativity into a tapestry of magical tales. The pen is your loom, the paper your wool. A MUST READ It's not only a Louisiana story.

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