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Here I would like to share links with you that I have enjoyed, some lead to other writers or radio shows web-sites we find interesting, others will take you to some of the sites my husband and I are displaying on the net.

Feel free to bookmark them or to leave a comment about the sites!

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Bonnie Clark Weatherford , a very gifted romance writer and a really great person, I am happy to call her a friend. However, don't let her novels fool you, she writes excellent ghost stories as well! Make sure to read them while you visit her site!

Jerry Pat Bolton , one of the greatest crime fiction novelistst that I have ever met! His novels will grip you, hold you and never let you go. Every time I get to read one of his stories or novels, I can't put it down! His poetry is very engrossing as well, not to say brilliant. If you love crime fiction, you have to read his books!

Crimespace , this site is rather young but none the less very interesting. If you love crime fiction, you can mingle there with other readers, authors, filmmakers and script/play writers and, if you like you can find us there too and talk to us. (Our link is right here:

Betty Dravis , for some interesting reading you should check out her books in various genres. Her carrier took her to many levels withing the industry of writing and entertaining, including a TV-show. A wonderful woman, fabulous friend and brilliant writer.

Christy Tillery French , a great writer and animal protector, you can find her books on Amazon, as well as other fine bookstores. Don't miss out on her intersting articles and entertaining short stories.

Francis Lynn , a wonderful writer, her fresh and humorful style will entertain you with ease. Children of the 70ties will sometimes feel as if looking in a mirror, seeing their own self as a growing teenager, full of rebellious ideas and yet gently holding on to mom and dad...

Ed Kostro , not only a wonderful person with a big heart for children and animals, also a very gifted writer. His poetry is as great as are his novels.

Pier Tyler , besides being a great and remarkable woman she is a very gifted and published poet. Her poetry can open your heart and mind and your heart skip a beat.

Pratchers Books for Kids , this is our site just for kids, with stories and articles. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Ther will be more to come soon! There are many writers out there who are so very interesting! I will try my best to bring as many of them to you with these links. Of course you can always catch us on our other sites or on myspace!

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