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The Conspiracy-The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back 

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June Bear Adventures - The Missing Pies

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    Love and Friendship, Compassion and an Open Heart, shouldn't it be all that matters?          


Never should we allow hatred to fill our hearts, it is just not worth it and a waste of time and energy. All the energy is put to work much better if we fill our hearts with love.      

So glad to see you here! I hope that you will enjoy your stay.          

First of all there is the Woman, the Mother, the Wife, the Grandmother, Aunt, Sister and Friend. A woman who is very devoted to those she loves. A person who will grieve for ever over the ones that are gone and won't return, but can look forward to the future with a smile, a hopeless optimistic.

Besides caring for others and writing, the greatest pleasure is to find the truth (and she will find it, trust me!) and to be sarcastic to the bone. It might be a flaw in the eyes of others, but she enjoys it tremendously!

So, don't be too mad, if her sarcastic response hits you, she's just having fun...

The Mother, she loves her kids dearly, they are in her thoughts every moment of every day. Two beautiful girls and three handsome boys, granted, they all turned into grown adults by now and some even have kids on their own, but somehow, somewhere, they will always be "her little kids".  

Then, of course, there are the grandchildren. Beautiful, smart, witty and bundles of joy! How dull would life be without them!

Besides all those wonderful people there is, of course, Roger, the husband, who patiently waits his turn after kids and grandkids and dogs for his share of TLC. Which is not an easy task, since there always were other people too that he had to share his wife with, sick aunties, desperate nieces, sick parents and troubled teenagers, run away from home or sent away by their parent. They were always offered a place to stay for "a day or two" and ended up staying for weeks and months, often more than one at the same time. They all were beautiful children too, each of them a wonderful person, trying to find the right way in life. Each one of them loved dearly. 

To those, who stayed and felt home for a while: You all are in her heart, for ever, part of her, part of her life!

For those who left her, always too soon, the pain is always there, the love is never forgotton. Until, one sweet day...

Then of course you have the detective, by nature. All her life a simple answer was easily doubted and she started digging for the truth. Usually she found it, not always being better off knowing, but, in a way, more satisfied by knowing.

It is a strange thing with the truth. Most people try to hide it more often than not. Ignoring the quiet observers, willingly spilling out their heart in a weak moment and forget about the "other lies" they told before. A good listener and observer will hear, see, figure it out. Don't feel safe because you were not told about the observations, not to tell does not mean not to know. But, let's not waste time with the detective thing, it is not an important part of her life. What was important in that part of her life, were the people she met, worked with, became friends with. There are so many that were able to make a dull day bright, so many who could bring a smile on her face. Thanks to you people, you are great guys, good friends, wonderful people.

Now then we have the writer. A passion that came together with reading from early childhood on. The best thing about weekends and school breaks was the time, time to read, stacks of books, anything that could be read. Later the writing became the  companion of the reading. Letters could be as long as a novella and still not finished. With an old typewriter in the basement she created little books for her nephew when she was eleven. Later she wrote a story for her father for a birthday. Often she would write little stories and just stack them in a corner. Now, after she has traveled the world to as many places as she could, but is not finished with it, now that she went throgh most available emotions, now she is writing with a purpose, to entertain. Young people, old people, children and adults. Every critic is a good one. If a reader takes the time to comment on a work, the work was good. Her co-writer, no other than her husband, Roger, is the toughest critic and the best! If you have not read any of their work yet, it is time you did. (Most short stories can be found and read by clicking on the tabs above.


For some short stories and thoughts go to the Blog page. Two of the published books can still be bought on June Bear Adventures: The Missing Pies and The Conspiracy - The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back!

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Read for the Dogs!

Order your autographed copy of The Conspiracy-The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back

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Pratcher's Little Rescue

My motto always has been Many can save some, some might save many but nobody can save them all, which should never stop you from trying!

While in Europe we saved all sorts of animals and even a few kids. Now, slowly our little rescue mission is kicking back in gear. As you might know we bought our Husky Blade from a home that had no business having a dog, let alone a Husky (and are we ever glad we did, Blade is just awesome). Then we rescued our little black Knight from the woods in the middle of winter where he was left behind, abandoned, scared, sick and in urgent need of food and warmth. Knight developed into one heck of a companion, for us as well as for Blade. He has grown, a lot, developed a deep love for us and for Blade and is one happy little guy. In the meantime we saved one little bunny, a lizard, two mice and a couple of cats and just now a nest of little birds. In between there were a few dogs that got away from their yards and were taken back to their families.
The more books we sell, the more animals we can rescue, so don't hold back, every penny earned by our books goes to an animal in need. And remember, even if you can't save them all, don't let that keep you from trying.
If you like to see which animals are in urgent need of a fur-ever home, feel free to visit my Facebook page, I cross-post many dogs and cats that have only days left before they will be killed. 

Of course once you have a dog, adopted, rescued, doesn't matter, you might need some help to train him or understand him/her. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area I have just the place for you!
Doris Anderson -Cerified & Licensed Dog Trainer, Pet CPR & First Aid Certified!

Love Candles and the wonderful scent they can spread through the room, but are afraid of a fire, the danger of children hurting themselves or your pet burning its nose? Here is a safe way to have your flame less candle and the wonderful cozy scent to enjoy a calm fall evening: 

You can even host your own party, at your home, a restaurant, the pool side or online!

A Heart for Animals

Dear Friends, Readers and Guests,

before you proceed with exploring my site, I would like to call your attention to a subject that is very important to me: The Katrina Animal Rescue! Please use this link to explore the web site and pass it on. Also I would like to call your attention to an author that supports the animal rescue in more wonderful ways than one: Ed Kostro, you can find him, like so many great authors, on Author's Den. At this time his latest book, a collection of animal stories during his rescue mission, Through Katrina's Eyes,  is available as e-book or paperback at booklocker .A portion of the royalties will go to the shelters, where those animals are kept and cared for. This book will make an excellent gift, for a reader as well as for the animals who will benefit!

Project Save a Pet  is the site where you can help and support the animal rescue, if only by spreading the word.

Thank you for your interest. 

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