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Every woman has this little romantic spot in her heart, the one where dreams seem to be alive.... to nurish this little romantic spot, what could be better than to endulge in a romantic novel!

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Susie Honeycutt

What better time to introduce Featured Christian Romance/Fiction Author Susie Honeycutt then now, when spring is just around the corner and romance is blooming! And, honestly, if it comes accompanied by mystery, even better!
Susie is not only an incredible woman, a wonderful friend, a loved and honored mother and wife, but also a very talented writer. She is the mother of two and proud grandmother to four grandchildren.
She loves the Lord and has an unquenchable thirst for the Bible, she loves to write about it as well! She also loves nature and animals, loves to look in their eyes and connect with their soul. Living  by the woods she has many occasions to do so and has several animals at home. 
Currently Susie is working on a Bible Trivia, which promises to be very interesting.
Susie Honeycutt is working as a 911 operator, police, fire and EMS dispatch. Some of her experiences are used in her novel Alfaland.


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Alfaland, paperback 189 pages, $  19.95    

ISBN 978-1424135394

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The words spoken by Aaron Marshall to his lovely wife Kendra were expressions that would haunt her mind countless times throughout the years that followed. “Isn’t this place peaceful?” Aaron had whispered softly in her ear. “It makes a person just wish time could stand still right here.” Kendra never forgot those words. Perhaps the words on the small weathered tombstone at Hammer Cemetery would have been more accurate. “I once was as you, and you shall be as I.” After a fabulous weekend getaway, Kendra and Aaron joined Kendra’s parents and younger sister Aimee at Alfaland, a prestigious country farm that held abundant cherished memories for Kendra and her family. What a difference a phone call and five minutes made for Kendra and her entire family when a huge whirling black cloud dropped from the sky and altered their lives forever.

Alfaland Song, first verse:

Whenever I pass a group of pines it sparks my memoryMy thoughts go back to Alfaland, the place I long to be.Wherever on earth I find myself and feel a gentle breezeMy mind wanders back to Alfaland the place I long to see.Alfaland, sweet Alfaland, my soul cries out for thee.To see the one I love once more and hold her tenderly.                           Written by Alfaland character Joey Dubois


  • Read what author Geraldine Ahearn had to say about Alfaland:

    A Great Read!
    REVIEW Is Also Posted on:

    Kendra Patton, and her younger sister Aimee Sue, grew up at Alfaland, a
    prestigious country farm in Indiana. The Patton home consisted of one-
    hundred and eighty-eight acres of pure beauty, with blooming gardens,
    pools and ponds, and horses that Kendra and Aimee deeply admired.
    Childhood for the Patton girls was a family album of cherished, loving
    memories that shined through Alfaland from their parents and relatives,
    friends, and Amish neighbors. Their religion constituted high morals and
    values, respect, and love for others. Everyone in the town they lived in
    admired and respected the Patton family. The abundance of love that
    Kendra's parents, Byron and Leigh gave to their daughters could be felt
    through Kendra, Aimee, and Alfaland. At twenty-two years old, Kendra
    married Aaron, and was expecting her first child. Aimee Sue was in her
    second year of college, during which time she met the love of her life at a
    party. Kendra and Aimee were invited to dinner at Alfaland, a day that was
    supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. The anticipation of Kendra
    announcing that she was three months pregnant to her first child was
    overwhelming. The thought of her parents becoming grandparents,
    and Aimee becoming an Aunt, filled her with an abundance of joy that she
    could no longer keep a secret. The girls had arrived at Alfaland, and Kendra
    and Aimee were sharing secrets. Byron and Leigh were preparing dinner,
    and had just found out that they would soon be grandparents. Aaron was
    taking in the scenery, so much admiring the love and beauty of Alfaland,
    smiling at his dog Buster, who also loved the farm. George, who was the
    Patton's hired helper, was tending to the barn as he always did. Bryon and
    Leigh were shouting to the girls from their outdoor patio to hurry up,
    so they all could eat dinner, before it begins to rain. Kendra was inside the
    house, listening intently to Aimee Sue's secret. Aimee had just told Kendra
    that she was in love with someone. During this time, Aunt Jane called to
    warn them about a storm coming their way. Within a split-second, a raging
    tornado attacked Alfaland, changing the lives of the Patton family forever.
    In the first few chapters of Alfaland, the reader can sense love, happiness,
    and horror. In a clever way, the author describes beauty to its utmost level,
    and terror from mother nature in its devastating behavior. The strength of
    Kendra as described by Susie Honeycutt is a remarkable portrait of
    inspiration to all readers. The reader can detect love as described in the
    movie "Ghost." The reader can feel the happiness, and sadness as described
    in the movie "Love Story." As one reads through the lives of the Patton
    family, after the impact of the horrific affects of the tornado, pain and
    remorse can also be felt. I would recommend this novel to teens as well as
    adults. The story reveals a crucial fact of how our strength through an
    unexpected crisis in our lives can not only help us, but others as well.
    The author paints an incredible picture of determination through the
    lives of the Patton family, after they battle grief from death, and sadness
    from loss. The moral of the story lies in the truth that many of us have
    lived through, and the "Beatles" made a hit song of it, titled "All you Need
    Is Love."

    Geraldine Ahearn, I.O.M.
    Author of 6 books
    Author Geri Ahearn, INC.

      Alfaland by Susie Honeycutt
  • Dawn Wilson

    Featured Author


    Dawn Wilson



    Meet Romance Author Dawn Wilson:


    Dawn Wilson lives in Milan, Italy, with her two daughters, where she teaches English.

    After several published short stories she wrote the romantic drama “Autumn Leaves”. The story of a woman in her mid-forties, who has to find out that happiness is not yet on her fingertips. A romantic story about love and friendship, inner strength and a troubled relationship.

    At the time she is working on two novels. One romance novel that might be titled “The Second Time Around” and one together with another author, which does not have a title yet.

    Use this link to Joyous Publishing to read her short story “An Unconditional Love”: A very compelling and interesting story about true and unconditional love.


    Find Dawn Wilson on myspace!



    Autumn Leaves



    Paperback, 170 pages $12.95 at

    E-book download $5.50 at


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    Amy Stafford is a forty-five year old social worker, who thought she had found happiness in her second marriage to Scott, a successful attorney. To family and friends Amy seems to have it all; a successful career, a beautiful home and a husband who is deeply in love with her; but things aren’t as they seem. After three years of marriage, Amy’s relationship is falling apart, a fact that her husband isn’t able to recognize. As much as Amy would like to leave Scott, she doesn’t have the courage to do it. As she resigns herself to the situation, a series of events happen to change her life. Just as she watches her life tumble down around her, a relationship from the past comes back into focus. As Amy finally begins to realize her one true chance at happiness, an unexpected surprise comes about, which may alter her plans for the future she dreamed of.

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