Birgit Pratcher


Meet my dog Blade:

He sure thinks that he is the boss!


This is Blade when he was just a tiny little puppy, way before he came to live with us.    

Now he is already with us and just found out that he chewed up all his rawhide bones

Somehow he seems to think that he is still a tiny puppy and can sit on my lap...

Blade and "his" boy Roggie

He just loves his boy!

This is my husband's brother and our son, enjoying a Magic Carpet Ride in Myrtle Beach... actually they enjoyed a LOT of other things too, but this video is just so cool. Below are a few pics.

Summer Fun


  From left to right: My husband Roger, our son Roggie and my husband's brother Ruben at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach

  Same guys, same place


  Ruben and Roger enjoying the summer fun


  Ruben and Roggie having just as much fun, if not even more...


  Ruben - caught shopping



Fun on the beach, skimm-board and all


   Loving that beach...


     Ruben with the skim board (before all the bruises, lol)

Let's see how many muscles we will count when the time has come to carry those suit cases...


   The Beach is safe, not one shark in sight... the water on the other hand, now that's a different story! You can see the sharks right there from the pier.


   The biggest Sandcastle along the coast! A really great impression.

  Isn't it just great!


This is one of the daily attracktions along the beach, two knights in a battle...

























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